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At Emerge we treat every individual entrusted to our program as just that—as a unique individual with his or her own personality and distinctive habits, not to mention special needs and often heartfelt personal preferences.
Emerge is widely regarded today as the resource of choice for individuals with the most severe disabilities and complex personal situations–in large part because of this underlying approach to individualized support. But Emerge has also achieved prominence because our professional team is so persistent in recasting approaches to an individual’s care when a given direction proves not quite adequate. Respect, empathy and open-hearted patience play big roles in this approach.

Many individuals who thrive at

Emerge have been turned away by other agencies. Emerge never gives up on an individual, and we steadfastly observe a no-discharge policy. This is the Emerge way.

If you have any questions about Emerge’s range of services, admission policies or philosophy of care that are not covered in these pages, please feel free to contact Brent Jones at bjones@emergeinc.org or 443.393.3708.

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