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Older Emerge customers –or those with significant health issues—may no longer wish to work, but still want to enjoy personal connections within the Emerge family and in our surrounding communities. For these individuals, Emerge offers a wealth of life-enriching activities–from concerts, to social gatherings with friends, to museums and spectator sports, to name a few. In keeping with the Emerge Way, we encourage our customers to weigh in on decisions about potential activities, and to enlist their Emerge friends—customers and family alike—in the decision process.

For individuals not yet ready to work but looking forward to doing so, we have designed pre-work programs built around therapeutic and skill-building activities structured as recreation.

The skills we emphasize in these contexts include:

  • learning to follow directions
  • developing good habits of interaction and socialization with peers, staff and other members of the Emerge family
  • acquiring enhanced gross and fine-motor coordination, and
  • sharpening their basic communication skills.

We integrate all these therapeutic activities into community outings and group pursuits that center on the skills and satisfactions of everyday life, from basic food preparation to housekeeping and leisure, artistic, and movement activities. We welcome customers with special interests and hobbies like art and photography, and take pains to work these pursuits into the day-to-day programs we create for these individuals.

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