eMerge is closely monitoring the developments related to COVID-19. Our top priorities are the health and safety of our customers, staff, and volunteers.

Slide Get Flowers Now! Slide A life well lived. Basic. We believe that individuals with disabilities
should live rich adult lives. We encourage them
to make personally fulfilling choices about how
to live and work in their communities. In our
view, they deserve to experience all the joys and
challenges of a full life.
Many live independently; some hold down jobs; some
choose to marry.
Slide Together we choose.
Together we grow.
Rule number one: listen. We’re in this for the
long run … the individuals we support, their
family members, and Emerge staff alike. That’s
one reason why we refer to individuals in our
program as “customers”. Their aspirations and
their felt needs can shine a light on the most
promising paths forward. When we can honor
their wishes with the energy we focus on their
clinical needs, we complete the circle.
Slide Caring is the flame that
renews the family
You may have seen the bumper stickers. We’re all
proud members of the Emerge family, each of us
intensely committed to the progress of Emerge’s
customers. We care deeply about what Emerge has
built; staff, other customers and even their
relatives regularly step forward to assist a
customer along the path forward. Mutual respect,
friendship, and caring collaboration. In short: a
Slide Persistence isn’t magic...
until it is.
Individuals with disabilities often drift from
program to program, unable to find the key to
clinical progress or even a caring response to
their aspirations. At Emerge both outcomes are
critical. Certainly there are challenges in
meeting these complex needs. When one
approach falls short, we try another. And
sometimes, another still. Give up on an
individual entrusted to our program? Not in our
Inclement Weather Status

Emerge is on Time…

The Emerge Mission

eMerge is a Maryland-based organization supporting individuals with developmental, physical and mental health disabilities. Today we serve more than 450 people, many of them rejected by other agencies.

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We don’t give up on individuals entrusted to the eMerge family–no matter how severe their disabilities–and encourage them in choosing personally enriching paths to living and working in their communities. Our dedicated team, reinforced by an expanding circle of families, volunteers, and local businesses, is key to our consistent success.

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